Hero Passion X PRO – The New Hero On The Road

The old Hero Honda is long gone. Now it is time for the Hero Motocorp to reign. Since the split between Hero and Honda, Hero Motocorp, the Indian two wheeler manufacturing giant has been thinking of ways to face Honda for a one to one showdown.

With Auto Expo 2012 fast approaching, Hero Motocorp tried to make their intentions pretty clear. The world’s largest two wheeler manufacturers organized a gala launch of three two wheelers at the same time in New Delhi. The three two wheelers are Hero Passion Xpro, Hero Ignitor and Hero Maestro.

Hero Passion X PRO Features & Specifications

Hero Passion X PRO features an 110cc, 4 stroke engine. The engine is a single cylinder engine that is air cooled and is mounted vertically on the bike. The engine featured in Hero Xpro uses APDV technology which stands for Advanced Pro Series Digital Variable Ignition System. The 110cc engine produces a peak power of 8.7 PS at 7500RPM. The 4 transmission gears will allow you to control the bike and change the gears elegantly.

The Hero Passion X PRO comes with both kick start as well as self start options. To enhance the look and the attractiveness of this bike, the manufacturers have fitted it with digital as well as analog meters. The meters include a digital speed panel and an analog RPM meter. The analog console also features an indicator that acts as a service reminder.

The Hero Passion XPRO is a much improvised version of the older Hero Passion motor bikes. For example the new Hero X pro comes with black, alloy wheels. The black color enhances the overall look of this new bike. The service reminder indicator is another great modification. Like the other new age bikes, Hero X pro is also fitted with tubeless tires. There is an option to add disc brakes in the front tire. The tubeless tires make the new Hero X pro a much safer bike to ride than its older cousins.

Hero Passion X PRO Price

The stylish fuel tank is an added attraction to the new Hero Passion XPRO. It has made the bike to look curvier. This bike is fitted with a sealed VLRA battery that would not require any maintenance. So as a whole there is less maintenance cost for this bike. The wider seats will allow you and your pillion rider to ride comfortably on the bike. This new, sleek, style and cool Hero Passion X PRO will become available in the coming months of 2012 and is priced at Rs 40,000.

128 Responses to Hero Passion X PRO – The New Hero On The Road

  1. souvik says:

    passion x pro why not avaliable in the market.

  2. madhan says:

    passion xpro nice 65 to 75 milege given him i loved these bikr

  3. parthiban says:

    I like hero x pro bike very much but i didn got my vibrate blue when i buy thank u for x pro lunch new model itss excellent performs milage

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