Hero Passion X PRO Features

The Hero Passion X pro is one of the latest releases from the esteemed Hero Motocorp. It’s an upgraded model the earlier Passion Pro model from the same manufacturer and is engineered with new advanced graphics. If you wish to know more about Hero Passion X pro read on since the write up here is all about Hero Passion X pro features. The bike has been designed with the 1st vertical engine. It has an air cooled SI 4 stroke 110cc engine. Then, Hero X pro offers 8.7PS power at the rate of 7500RPM. The bike basically is for daily use and is capable of both kick and self start.

The Hero Passion X pro is engineered with four speed transmission where you have 3 up and 1 down. In addition, the users will get a combo meter with a digital analog character. The seats are pretty wider here compared to the previous version and the bike has black colored alloy wheels. Besides, the vehicle features a stylish and trendy fuel tank and forward disc brake. Also the Hero X pro comes with APDV ignition and a 12V battery (maintenance free 3.0 AH). You will get the bike in 6 varied interesting color options. The price is expected to be somewhere around 45k.

9 Responses to Hero Passion X PRO Features

  1. sanjeev r reddy says:

    hero xpro kab road par ayega pleese tel mi.

  2. Ram Sharma says:

    what is new in passion xpro. howmany gear and what capacity of engine.

  3. L.Dayanandam says:

    when lanchin time

  4. ch.gupta harish kumar. says:

    When the passion xpro is going to release and how much it costs,and what is the best in these while comparing to old one.

  5. prakash rao says:

    sir please release earlier i m ready 2 purchase the bike

  6. rushikesh says:

    what is a mayleg

  7. Ideapoint says:

    Diwali me passion xpro aajana chahiye nahi to passion xpro bekaar hai

  8. Inder jeet singh bhandari says:

    After launching two months had been spent but passion x pro yet not be available in haridwar what’s the reason please tell.

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